About Sean (zseano)

Hi there! I am a web application hacker, content creator, mentor, programmer and I also participate in bug bounty programs. I run a training website called BugBountyHunter.com to help newcomers learn how to look for vulnerabilities on websites by simply using them as intended as well as applying this on bug bounty programs. It contains real findings recreated for you to discover. I am self taught on everything I know and I even wrote my own methodology/guide called zseano's methodolody (which is included when joining BugBountyHunter!).

In my time participating in bug bounties I have discovered over 800+ unique issues and even received recognition from Amazon.com InfoSec Organisation in 2018 for my security research work. I even managed to reach #2 on the bug bounty platform Bugcrowd from just one program in a short period of time, all from simply using the websites as intended. If you've been following me on twitter you'll know I don't do that much recon.

As well as being a hacker I also create content to help others learn how to replicate exactly what I do, which you can find on BugBountyHunter. I also run a youtube channel which you can find here, https://www.youtube.com/c/zseano. I go live every now and again so be sure to subscribe!

My bug bounty platform stats. YesWeHack, HackerOne and Bugcrowd

So you wanna bughunt?

So you wanna bughunt was an event I held in Cambridge (UK) at Homerton University to teach people my methodolody in person! I secured a venue, created content and brought together 15 hackers (some even travelled from Sweden & Germany!). It was an awesome day and I hope to do another some day!

You can read about the full day here: https://zseano.medium.com/a-look-inside-the-so-you-wanna-bughunt-event-8300e7a6e11