Who Am I

In short, i'm a hacker. But a good hacker! I identify vulnerabilities in websites and report the isuse responsibly via bugbounty programs. In my time of bughunting I have spent the majority of my time on Bugcrowd and managed to place #2 overall in just 8months when starting out, whilst always keeping 100% accuracy and an impact <3.0

When i'm not hacking I spend my time mentoring via my YouTube channel. I got into this field from others sharing their information with me and I have always stuck by, sharing is caring. Every hacker thinks differently when it comes to identifying vulnerabilities and when all of our ideas mix together beautiful things happen.

What I do Exactly

I hack, I code, I game. A jack of all trades some would say.

Creator of BugBountyNotes

BugBountyNotes.com is a platform designed for the community, by the community. It is completely custom made by me and allows researchers to tackle re-created bugbounty scenarios which are created & managed by the researcher themselves.


I'm proud to say i'm a hacker. Hacking to me is like a puzzle. What defences have the developers introduced? What have they not considered when creating this feature? I have found over 1000+ bugs in my years of bughunting and that number increases daily.


I offer mentoring via YouTube and my platform, BugBountyNotes to help you not only understand the bug type we are tackling, but how to get in the mindset of a hacker. Hacking isn't just about "try this, expect that". Understanding is key and it's what I really like to get across in my mentoring sessions.


When i'm not busy hacking you can usually find me as Lucio on Overwatch (Xbox).

Published Research